Next-generation simulation software for everyone.

Our simulation tools are completely customisable to your needs.

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Try our Nominal System simulation products
Our Nominal Systems simulation products are flexible, modular and powerful off-the-shelf.


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Easy for the entire team to use

Enjoy a streamlined user experience that is easy to learn. Instantly share designs and test results based on a single source of truth.


Build complex simulations in minutes, not months.

Our object-oriented "bottom-up" design philosophy lets you quickly assemble and customise complex simulations quickly. Maximise your team's efficiency today.


Integrate with hardware to catch errors early.

Maximise your system's resilience through frequent software and hardware-in-the-loop testing through all project phases.


Gain confidence in your systems through testing.

Autonomously and continuously test system performance against user-defined specifications to build confidence.

Key Features

Complexity Simplified

Build and test complex simulations quickly

Reduce testing costs

Supports HIL and SIL testing natively

Beautiful by Design

Create impactful visualisations of your missions


Built to scale efficiently and reliably in the cloud

AI Testbench

Test and develop new autonomous systems in a safe-to-fail environment

Digital Sales Channel

Buy and sell digital components through our online marketplace