Build resilience into your entire space mission.

Let your team focus on business and innovation.

We provide you with the tools to make it a success.


Iterate rapidly and validate against user requirements to maximise return on investment.


Streamline software validation and verification exercises and catch edge cases across thousands of scenarios.


Quickly identify and address in-orbit anomalies. Plan and execute missions with confidence.


Complex simulations made simple

Our custom component creator lets you use the Unreal Engine to quickly customise complex simulation components using our C/C++ API or visual scripting tools that are designed to cater to all user experience levels.

Design and test mission scenarios

Rapidly assess and quantify your space mission designs against success criteria. Explore edge cases to maximise your system's resilience. 


AI Testbench

Create realistic synthetic environments and run simulations at scale to train next-generation autonomous systems to give you the edge over your competition.

Join our Digital Sales Channel

Leverage our digital assets marketplace to gain access to a library of realistic simulation components, flight software, analysis modules or full mission concepts. Or create your own and gain revenue from every satellite designed that your components help build.